Cassiterite Essence

Cassiterite was named after the Greek word “kassiteros”, meaning ‘tin’ and was widely heralded throughout Western Europe as the most abundant mineral- thus rendering it a hugely important resource for trade, evolution, and sustenance. Like the mineral itself, Cassiterite is an Essence for evolution and transformation; it can help you to move forward in life, more easily accessing the innovation and wisdom that lies within you. It can be a powerful catalyst for sparking the inner breakthrough and enlightenment you need to move forward in life, evolving and transforming. It energetically assists in clearing the limiting beliefs and false perceptions that would hold you back as well as aiding you in releasing the patterns and behaviors that accompany them (e.g. procrastination, hesitation, etc.). If you’re taking two steps back for each foot forward or are dwindling your resources away due to apathy and/or lack of discipline, Cassiterite Essence can help propel you forward- pushing you instead towards momentum and growth.

It may also help you if you tend to suffer from addiction or habits of excess, especially if you tend to seek release or escape due to overwhelm and/or lack of grounding. Cassiterite Essence may help you to integrate transformational Earth Energy; it’s a wonderful tool for accessing the richness and abundance that’s yours as a citizen of Earth. If you tend to feel “drained” by certain people, places, or situations, Cassiterite Essence can help you to break down and process these energies so that you are not held back or adversely affected by them. Working with Cassiterite Essence offers a tool for processing the energy you take on from those around you as well as the global environment. It helps you to integrate increasing levels of empathy, keeping you grounded and connected to Mother Earth.