Brown Calcite Essence

Brown Calcite Essence may help you release old patterns and behaviors that are not in alignment with your highest good. In this way, it facilitates growth and can help you through times of transition, where you may feel as though your feet are not on solid ground. Brown Calcite Essence, by helping you connect with Mother Earth, teaches you to draw from her nurturing core, bringing an increase of grounding. This essence has a protective, nurturing energy. It is excellent to use for meditation, especially for those of you that have trouble staying grounded or “coming back to earth” after [raising your vibration] in spiritual activities. It promotes a sense of peace and helps connect you with the abundance that lies within the Earth, reminding you that Her riches are your riches, and aligning you with your Divine heritage of prosperity and abundance. Working with this essence during times of stress may help alleviate overwhelm. It may also benefit you if you struggle with issues in your legs and feet, or have issues with your own earthly mother.

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