Blue Tourmaline Essence (Indicolite)

Blue Tourmaline Essence activates the throat and third eye chakras and promotes intuition, clarity, and focus. It further benefits clear communication and creative self expression. As a room and aura spray it has a calming effect and can help energetically recharge your space. It is especially beneficial before healing work or meditation. Like our Tourmaline Master Essence, Blue Tourmaline encourages a peaceful heart, a tranquil mind, and helps recharge your energy.

Combined with Green Tourmaline Essence (or our Tourmaline Master Blend, which contains all variations), it can help you learn to channel your emotions creatively and to speak from your heart. It can be beneficial for clearing energetic blockages deep inside the throat chakra, whereas used over your neck/throat area as a spray, it can help tone and cleanse this region. Sprayed over your third eye, temples, neck and throat it may help ease tension in these areas.

View our Tourmaline Master Blend, which contains all of our different Tourmaline variations.