Blue Hemimorphite


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Increases Empathy
Detoxify Light Bodies
Multi dimensional Interface

Blue Hemimorphite Essence has all the characteristics of the Master Blend with an emphasis on communication, especially higher forms of communication.

In stock

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Blue Hemimorphite Essence

Blue Hemimorphite Essence has all of the characteristics of Hemimorphite Master, but with emphasis on communication, especially higher forms of communication, expression, and telepathy. It enhances empathic harmony, facilitates communing with your higher self, and encourages you to go directly to God, to learn you too can have a personal relationship with God, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Universe, Guru, Divine Mother, Grace and/or whatever you call it; dial direct, because with this essence you’ll learn you do not need to “be told” by others. It also emphasizes integrating many planes of being at once and bringing peace and ease with feeling and filtering many different layers of consciousness and levels of feelings (respectively) at once.

View our Hemimorphite Master Blend, which contains all of our different Hemimorphite variations.

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