Blue Diamond Essence

Blue Diamond Essence helps to awaken your life force and raise the vibration of your creativity so that you aspire towards higher, spiritually related works. It can also help awaken you to hidden gifts and undiscovered abilities that lie within you. It can further benefit your concentration and mental strength making it a great essence if you are a student. In relationships, Blue Diamond Essence helps to improve communication and truth, inspiring spiritual bonding and commitment.

Blue Diamond Essence helps you to reconnect to your higher self, open up channels of higher or clearer thinking and promote emotional clarity. It energizes your brain with blue light* and helps you to develop a greater mental-spiritual connection, strengthening both your intellect and your intuition simultaneously. It can be especially helpful for enhancing meditation and other spiritual practices.

Blue Diamond Essence can help you to mentally transmit emotional energy. For instance, If you have a partnership where personalities are clashing, if atleast one person is using this essence they might find they can more easily understand and respect what the other person is feeling, without actually needing to feel it themselves.

*Based on studies at Shanti Kai™

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