Black Tourmaline Essence (aka Schorl)

Black Tourmaline Essence activates and balances the lower of base chakras, bringing increased grounding and strength to your constitution. It has a detoxifying effect, helping to purge low frequency energies that would otherwise accumulate and weaken your aura, with time even impacting your overall health and well being. Black Tourmaline Essence is also beneficial to use when traveling, during healing work, when under stress, and/or any time you could use a little extra grounding and protection. Shanti Kai™️ Black Tourmaline Essence also contains a variety of Mica (compounded to the Black Tourmaline) that is particularly effective at deflecting negative energy and helping you mirror it back it’s sender. For this reason and more, Black Tourmaline Essence is a favorite of empaths, healers, teachers, and therapists for shielding, strengthening, and cleansing their energy.

These two Black Tourmaline Essence varieties can be purchased separately upon special request.

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