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Develops Intuition
Clears 3rd Eye Chakra
Expands Visionary Capacity

Brings expanded consciousness and enhances natural healing.

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Azurite Essence

Azurite Essence has a clearing, expansive energy that works to elevate your consciousness and enhance natural healing processes. It works primarily on your sixth, or Ajna chakra, clearing your third eye and deepening your intuition, heightening your sixth sense and expanding your inner vision. As such, it is an excellent tool for aiding meditation and/ or inspiring spiritual growth and practice. Azurite Essence moreover works energetically to aid endeavors of the mind- such as studying, helping to deepen your intuitive thought process and improve your capacity toward mental organization (and processing). On a practical level, by helping to clear your third eye chakra – the Chakra that connects to both your logical mind and your spiritual vision- Azurite Essence can benefit your overall mental state by bringing cleansing to your mind and also to your mind’s records. Azurite Essence works to “flush” your mind’s eye- helping to cleanse and clear your Third Eye Chakra from unnecessary recordings, psychic debris and other energy that has accumulated in this region. Used in tandem with [practices such as] meditation, Azurite’s cleansing action can be rendered more effective, clearing blocks to your intuition and creating more “space” for higher wisdom. Azurite Essence also helps to connect you to your higher self, bridging your Third Eye and Crown Chakras- aligning you with greater wisdom and oneness consciousness. It can also help you to release feelings of criticism and judgment towards others- as well as towards yourself, helping to alleviate feelings of shame and unworthiness. Similarity, Azurite Essence may help with strengthening your Subtle Eye Chakras and as such be [energetically] beneficial for overall eye health as well. It may also energetically benefit recurrent issues with fatigue, especially that which is due to mental stress. Azurite Essence can help release underlying blockages that would lead to unwanted thought patterns, obsessive mental tendencies, and habits of negative thinking. It moreover can be beneficial to use in tandem with trauma resolution therapies and other healing work. Its essence brings the feeling of creating more mental space, which in turn naturally opens the door for intuitive expansion and greater spiritual connection.

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