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Encourages Loyalty With Partners
Increases Psychic Protection
Aids Astral Travel

Astrophyllite Essence helps in releasing unhealthy patterns/habits, letting go of the old and embracing the new.

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Astrophyllite Essence

Astrophyllite Essence helps you to let go of and release unhealthy patterns and habits, and to instead step into and embrace something new. It encourages positive thinking and self-esteem while helping to alleviate apprehension, and self-doubt. It’s Essence can help you tap into the strength of your intuition and get to the heart of any matter or truth. Astrophyllite is also known as “the Marriage Stone” because it encourages faithfulness, commitment and honesty in your relationships. It furthermore aids astral travel and helps bring increased psychic protection for those journeying between planes, such as for healing, shamanic, and/or dreamwork states.

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