Aqua Aura Quartz Essence

Aqua Aura Quartz Essence is beneficial for the third-eye, throat, and crown chakras, easing stress, and promoting peace, and serenity. This Essence promotes angelic communication, and can help you bridge the gap between imagination and the outer world of form, helping your natural creativity reach new heights.  Aqua Aura Essence also enhances your psychic intuition, and inspires dreamwork and (related) interpretation. In relationships it can help you and your partner to embrace the same spiritual ideals, open (non verbal) channels of communication and inspire emotional and spiritual connectivity. If you are spiritual and disciplined in your meditation, prayers, and/or other spiritual practices, this Essence can open channels of communication with angelic realms, naturally help open your clairaudience (over time), and refine your ear chakras to tune into celestial sound vibrations, or what some may call “Angelic music”.  It can also help connect you with loved ones in celestial realms to exchange messages.

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