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Activates Light Body
Expanded Cosmic Vision
Promotes Spiritual Awareness

Helps connect our spiritual selves with our physical selves, or more specifically our Light Body with our Physical Body.

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Apophyllite (Blue) Essence

Apophyllite Essence helps connect your spiritual self with your physical self – your Light Body with your Physical Body. It stimulates the third eye chakra, and enhances your cosmic vision- expanding your awareness of self and others. Its Essence helps facilitate understanding of the oneness of all beings, while at the same time maintaining the uniqueness of your own individual self. Apophyllite Essence can bring understanding to your struggles and karmic life lessons, helping you see how they ultimately can contribute to your own spiritual progress and self betterment. Its Essence can be used to increase access to higher states of creativity, improve intuition, and strengthen overall clarity. Its Essence may also be beneficial for developing boundaries, helping you stay present especially if you unknowingly go out of body, tend to dissociate or fragment when triggered, and/or are consciously practicing astral journeying.

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