Topaz Essence

Shanti Kai™ Topaz Master Blend vibrationally aligns with energies of purification, manifestation, transmutation and protection. It awakens and expands your heart chakra, cleanses and balances the emotions, and encourages spiritual and emotional well being.  As an Essence, Topaz further helps strengthen qualities of expansion and optimism, and inspires luck and success. A great essence to use when needing inspiration, a “vibrational lift”, and/or an energetic shift, Topaz Master Essence is especially beneficial for clearing away impurities so you can attract wealth and prosperity. It promotes your ability to align with and manifest the highest level of wealth; spiritual wealth.

Shanti Kai™ Topaz Master has a fiery quality that recharges and energizes your aura, increasing your light quotient and helping purge and transmute toxicity and negative energy that would enter through your outer aura. It simultaneously has subtle yin qualities that can soothe and energetically stimulate inner healing.  Topaz Master Essence also benefits meditation and communication, helping in aligning you with your divine purpose so you can walk your highest path.  The many colors found in this blend can impact or influence the “what” and “how” part of manifesting. All colors are present in this Master Blend and its energy is directed to where it’s needed most; weakness in the auric field will determine where the vibration will have the greatest initial impacted benefit. Topaz Master Essence further helps you align with many divine virtues and tap your own skills and abilities.

Master Blend of a variety of Topaz Essences including Blue, Golden, Green, Imperial, Peach, Pink, Silver, and White.

Blue Topaz Essence works to balance and align the 5th (throat) and 6th (third eye) chakras to help you see and speak your truth. It also acts as a gentle but powerful shielding on the mental and emotional subtle bodies, bringing strength and protection when needed on these levels. It promotes clear creative expression of your ideas, thoughts and feelings. It may help calm and focus your intellect and at same time strengthen your spirit; a strong spirituality and intellect helps you to clarify spiritual truths, enabling discernment and separation of what is right for you versus what is tempting or glamorous, as well as to separate out your intentions versus the intentions of others (of which you may have gotten caught in). It strengthens your trust in Spirit/God and helps you to feel more spiritually connected.

Green Topaz Essence is especially healing and brings powers of motivation, rejuvenation, and mental stimulation while helping you discharge energies of doubt and stress, and emotional heaviness or imbalance. It also encourages openness and forgiveness and aligns the heart and throat Chakras for clear expression and communication. The magnetic field of the heart is much stronger than the mind, and thus this essence helps attract the energies and goals you wish to manifest in your heart. It may also help bring true love and prosperity/good fortune to the user.

Imperial Topaz Essence draws in love and encourages confidence and strength. It can help calm nervous tension and quiet an anxious or overactive mind. It protects against negative energies that might negatively affect health, wealth, relationships, success, and even sleep problems such as nightmares and bad dreams.

Peach Topaz Essence may help you break away from limitations you place on yourself from false or limiting beliefs and help you manifest the “impossible” (or at least more than previously thought possible). Often when we have limiting beliefs and insecurities, we are more reactive to things others say and do, and can take offense at things quite readily. Peach Topaz Essence invokes a sort of energetic shield in your aura that helps transmute negative or unwanted energy before it enters your system. Read more.

Pink Topaz Essence increases your potential to experience joy.

Silver Topaz Essence carries qualities of yin and helps you to energetically “capture” moonlight energy for healing. It aids the clearing of blockages and stagnant energies in order to promote deep healing. It inspires you to “go within” and enhances intuition and awareness, especially with respect to karma and aiding our understanding of our current experience as a manifestation of our karma. It also helps to transform feelings of negativity and conflict into peace and serenity.

White Topaz Essence helps with removing emotional blocks and stagnant energy. It helps you to purify your thoughts and actions, or reach vibrational integrity.

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