Shungite Master


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Strengthens & Protects Aura
Purifies & Promotes Detoxification
Encourages Healing & Regeneration

Helps promote healing and grounding as well as shielding and protecting one’s aura. It assists in strengthening the root chakra, and helps propel one along his/her path, keeping one focused and centered.

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Shungite Master Blend

Shungite Master Blend Essence may promote deep healing through a dual action of energetic clearing and protection. It works on clearing the Root Chakra and purifies your energetic body, which may promote physical healing through a trickle down effect. It also works to protect your aura, which frees up your energy to focus on healing, rather than protecting your energy field. It’s potential to promote energetic healing action may make it ideal to use if you are recovering from surgery or a chronic illness, to hasten the regeneration process, and also if you work in a healing modality with clients who have these issues. It’s protective regeneration may also make it helpful if you are feeling rundown and stressed and if you don’t have a chance to rest, to clear and protect your energetic field in order to keep working or moving ahead.

Contains Shungite and Elite Shungite Essences:

Shungite Essence helps promote healing and grounding as well as shielding and protecting one’s aura. It assists in strengthening the root chakra, and helps propel one along his/her path, keeping one focused and centered. This essence may help stimulate energetic components of purification and regeneration, and may be ideal for those who may be struggling with physical ailments. Shungite essence may help one turn struggles with the physical body into opportunities for transformation.

Elite Shungite Essence carries the same properties as regular Shungite Essence with a stronger emphasis on shielding and protection. Where regular Shungite is more detoxifying, Elite Shungite reflects away negative energies that are projected at you so that your energy can be better utilized for healing and regeneration.

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3 reviews for Shungite Master

  1. Anna Snow, Boston

    I first tried this essence when I was feeling run down and on the verge of getting sick, but still needed to get through the work day and get a lot done. With the first spray I could feel this essence very strongly and felt a sense of #calm and #strengthening even though I was tired. I started to spray throughout the day and found that it was easier for me to focus after each spray- after using acutely (every half hour) for a few hours I forgot about being tired and felt stronger and stronger throughout the day.

  2. Alice Boucher, Dallas

    I started using Shungite Master Blend on my cat Ollie who suffers from kidney disease and arthritis. She usually is in pain and hisses at people even though she wants attention because she’s uncomfortable. Jayme was in town so she worked on Ollie and I also started using the Shungite drops in her food every day and spraying her with Shungite regularly. Now she’s coming up to me more often looking to be pet and even started jumping on the chair to sit on my lap which she hasn’t done in a long time. I feel like this combination of healing work with this essence has helped her feel better and she’s now acting like she did when she was younger.

  3. Sarah Danevich, North Carolina

    I had to volunteer after work at my daughter’s school. I seriously questioned not doing it because I was so exhausted and not feeling good. But I had decided to use Shungite Master through the day and when it came time to go to the school, I had completely forgotten that I wasn’t up for going earlier in the morning. Plus I had plenty of energy to play with all the kids!

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