Sapphire Master


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Spiritual Awakening
Opening Third Eye

Sapphire Essence helps you to connect to Spirit, God and your Divine Purpose

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Sapphire Master Blend Essence

Sapphire Master Blend encourages spiritual awakening, intuitive development, and expanded visionary capacity. It stimulates and awakens your third eye and can be a great tool for your meditation practice. It further can help you connect with your own higher guidance system, inspiring wisdom and enlightenment through prayer and inner contemplation. Shanti Kai™ Sapphire Master has a magnificent array of sapphires, spanning a spectrum of colors and varieties that act to cleanse and re-pattern the many layers of your aura, helping to realign your subtle energy bodies on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Working with this essence encourages forgiveness and the clearing of karmic energies between souls, enhancing feelings of serenity, peace and inner harmony. It can also help you cleanse and release false or limiting beliefs and illusions, often inherited, passed down, or internalized through trauma. Sapphire Master Essence further inspires creative visualization, aligning your heart, throat and third eye chakras, helping you lay the groundwork for changes and ideals you want to effect and manifest in your life, according to your highest good.

Suggestion: Apply Sapphire Master spray over your third eye prior to meditation or breath work. Visualize judgments and criticisms clearing as your third eye is purified and your awareness expands. Alternatively you may take Sapphire Master? Essence drops orally before meditating; this is especially beneficial for working with cleansing and meditating on your heart. Simply take a few deep expansive breaths and visualize your heart center burning away any impurities, such as resentments and grudges. You may imagine a fiery pink light filling your heart and third eye areas, and invoke the Divine Mother in any of her many forms.

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Featuring Sapphire Gemstone Essence for September

Shanti Kai™ Sapphire Essence Blend

Master Blend of Black Star, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Lavender, Orange, Pink, Yellow, and White Sapphire Variations.

Sapphire Variations

Different color of the sapphire essences may have a greater effect on different chakras (energy centers) and may enhance different qualities of the sapphire family.

Black Star Sapphire Essence

Protecting & Strengthening

Clearing Fears & Limitations

Mirroring Back Unwanted Energy

Black Star Sapphire is a grounding stone that brings gifts of protection and strength; it helps you mirror (or reflect back) negative and/or undesirable energy, preventing such vibrations from assimilating into your energy. Its essence is further beneficial for mitigating all kinds of stress. Read more

Dark Blue Sapphire Essence

Enhances Meditation

Opens Third Eye Chakra

Aids Spiritual Awakening

Dark Blue Sapphire Essence benefits the third eye and spiritual awakening. Ideal for enhancing meditation and other contemplative practices, it encourages you towards a greater awareness of your own Divine purpose. Read more

Light Blue Sapphire Essence

Inspires Serenity

Aids Angelic Connection

Enhances Communication

Light Blue Sapphire Essence is for working with the throat and third eye chakras and assists with all forms of communication and expression. It’s essence further invokes serenity, and can inspire tranquility and peace of mind. Read more

Green Sapphire Essence

Stimulates Healing

Opens Heart Chakra

Promotes Prosperity

Green Sapphire Essence acts on the heart chakra helping you attract healing and growth. It can increase your inner joy, helping you feel more alive, and inspires overall awareness. Green Sapphire Essence can also help dissipate feelings of jealousy, envy, nervous exhaustion, as well as tendencies toward addiction and excess. Read more

Lavender Sapphire Essence

Cosmic Awareness

Angelic Attunement

Crown Chakra Healing

Lavender Sapphire Essence connects you with the celestial realms, helping you to attune to your own unique angelic guidance and protection. It envelops you in feelings of warmth and love, inspiring peace and serenity. Read more

Orange Sapphire

Energizes Your Intuition

Promotes Rejuvenation & Joy

Inspires Creative Visualization

Orange Sapphire Essence energizes your intuitive capabilities and stimulates your powers of creative visualization. It works with your sacral and third eye chakras, inspiring feelings of joy and encouraging healing and rejuvenation. Read more

Pink Sapphire Essence

Opening Third Eye

Increasing Longevity

Embracing the Divine Feminine

Pink Sapphire Essence stimulates and opens the third eye chakra, bestowing gifts of insight and wisdom. It has a fiery, yet soft quality, helping purify judgments and criticisms that would blind you from seeing the truth, and clearing the way for spiritual transformation. Read more

Yellow Sapphire Essence

Attracts Wealth & Prosperity

Promotes Self Empowerment

Inspires Optimism & Success

Yellow Sapphire Essence can help remove obstacles toward prosperity and success, and in turn bring about opportunity, expansion, and growth. It has a balancing effect on the solar plexus chakra, and can help you feel empowered in your worldly (i.e. professional) position. Read more

White Sapphire Essence

Enhance Clarity of Mind

Overcome Spiritual Obstacles

Communicate with Divine Guidance

White Sapphire Essence inspires mental and emotional clarity and encourages spiritual awakening. It stimulates your third eye and crown chakras, and is an excellent tool for meditation and other spiritual practices. Read more

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2 reviews for Sapphire Master

  1. Rose Ellen

    I have been taking the sapphire essence for about a month now and with my first use I noticed it right away, which was to my surprise because I didn’t think I would feel it. I instantly felt lighter like it brought my playfulness or happiness back that I’d been missing since a relationship ended badly. With continued use I noticed other things have subtly shifted, as I’ve felt the release of the sadness from different experiences occasionally come up. I feel like each time that happens I feel a little bit lighter and brighter and even excited again for the future. Other times I feel heavy again but unlike before where it would stay that way I use the essence and it’s like the light breaks back through again.

  2. Amanda

    When I’ve had a long work night and I’ve found myself too exhausted to get moving in the morning, I spray sapphire all around my head and feet. I find this essence helps connect me and help me to get gathered enough to go through the day – and without feeling groggy or sluggish. I like to combine this with fluorite essence, because that essence keeps my concentration and focus very sharp.

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