Quartz Master Blend Essence

Quartz Master Blend helps to cleanse, purify, and supercharge your aura, as well as realign all the chakras and meridians of your subtle energy field.  Traditionally, it has been used as an elixir to guard against depression and ailments of the heart, aid against nervous exhaustion, and restore vitality and vibrancy to your energy field. It bolsters spiritual and emotional growth, while easing stress, healing past heart aches, and helping you transcend self-limitation.  In this way, it aids release of energetic blockages and helps with repatterning beliefs (both inherited and learned) that would hold you back over time.

Quartz Master Blend serves as a doorway to cosmic consciousness, enhancing your connection to the angelic and celestial realms, increasing your intuition, and helping you understand your unique spiritual gifts and God given abilities.

Taking this Essence, you may find  yourself pulsating with love for nature, and having an ever increasing sensitivity to the world of subtle vibration.

It can help you shield and cleanse from environmental toxicity, and magnify positive vibrations to your outer surroundings.  It further helps release unhealthy, unwanted patterns and behaviors, including patterns of self doubt and the tendency toward undermining your own intuition.

Quartz Master Essence Blend helps you learn to vibrate at your full potential, making it easier to lift up out of lower energy states and experience greater feelings of positivity and joy!

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Quartz Master Blend contains the following Quartz Essence variations: Amethyst, Amethyst Elestial, Ametrine, Angel Aura, Aqua Aura, Black, Blue, Cactus/Spirit, Cathedral, Chlorite, Citrine, Clear, Clear Elestial, Clear Lemurian, Garnet Smoky, Girasol, Golden Healer Lemurian, Hematoid, Green, Green Phantom, Prasiolite, Rose, Rose Elestial, Rutilated, Smoky, Smoky Elestial, Sphatik, Super Seven, Tangerine Aura, Tibetan Smoky, Tourmalinated

Quartz Variations

Master Healer

Open the Crown Chakra

Wisdom ~ Divinity ~ Transformation

Amethyst Essence is a master healer, a catch-all essence for any number of issues. It is an ideal essence for those new to essences and alternative healing, or spirituality in general. Amethyst gently assists you in opening to experiences that you may have previously been closed to. Read more


Repattern Limiting Beliefs

Accessing Higher Dimensions

Ametrine Essence helps repair tears or ruptures in the aura – and through this action it may bestow upon you better ability to maintain your own energy. Ametrine may be especially helpful for those doing healing work or anyone experiencing an “energy drain” throughout the day. Read more

Cosmic Consciousness

Angelic Channel ~ Purity

Ground Lightbodies in 3D

Angel Aura Quartz Essence helps cleanse and clear all of your chakras and subtle body meridians, making it important for connecting with cosmic consciousness, and your own higher self and spiritual connection. It helps align you with the Angelic realm fostering feelings of protection, safety, purity, and light. It helps you to reflect negativity and outside projections (from others). Read more

Angelic Communication

Dreamwork ~ Imagination

Serenity ~ Celestial Sound

Aqua Aura Quartz Essence is Beneficial for the third-eye, throat, and crown chakras, easing stress, and promoting peace, and serenity. This Essence promotes angelic communication, and can help you bridge the gap between imagination and the outer world of form, helping your natural creativity reach new heights. Read more

Wisdom ~ Purification

Clearing Earth Elementals

Balances Chakras & Meridians

Balances all of the chakras and meridian systems. It helps with transformation and release of self limitation and blockages. It also amplifies thoughts. Used as a spray, it brings purification of Earth energies and protects against Earth Elementals (non-beneficial energies that can attach from the Earth). Read more

Aids Clarity & Mental Balance

Inspires Clear Self Expression

Promotes Stability in Transition

Stabilizes the throat chakra and encourages eloquence in expression. ?It also stabilizes the heart and third eye chakras as they influence expression. Gentle and calming for the emotional subtle body, Blue Quartz may be an ideal essence during times of uncertainty or transformation. Read more

Family/Group Harmony

Creative & Spiritual Growth

Shifting Between Dimensions

Helps to open the crown chakra, and may be beneficial for meditation, receiving higher guidance, and tapping into higher forms of creativity. It may encourage feelings of self-worth and relieve painful memories by helping you to recognize benefits that arose from the experience. Spirit Quartz may also help facilitate harmony and bonding in home environments or in any group activity. Read more

Cleanses Etheric Body

Promotes Serenity ~ Flow of Grace

Encourages Meditation ~ Liquid Light

Cathedral/Lithium Quartz Essence is a soothing essence that has been described at Shanti Kai as “moon silk” and/or “liquid light”. It cleanses and clears your etheric and spiritual light bodies, calming and soothing, encouraging you to open to the flow of divine grace and forgiveness. Read more

Cleanse Heart Chakra

Amplify Healing Energies

Purify Aura & Environment

Shanti Kai Chlorite Quartz is from the Himalayas and carries with it the powerful healing and meditative energies found there. Long revered as a spiritual abode, some of the purest vibrations originate in the Himalayas; it’s no wonder then that our Chlorite Quartz Essence pulsates with these living vital energies, and is a must have in any “healers first aid kit”. Read more

Success ~ Confidence

Liquid Sunshine ~ Detox

Uplift ~ Empower ~ Purify

Citrine Quartz Essence is for clearing toxicity from the body-mind and releasing stored negative emotion held in the solar plexus chakra. It dissipates and transmutes negative energy, and confers confidence, and success. Read more

Strengthens Aura

Amplify Positive Energy

Cleanse ~ Channel ~ Heal

Clear Quartz Essence is used to channel, cleanse, heal, and magnify energy. It calms and balances extreme emotional states and encourages emotional healing. It promotes clarity and mental focus, eases decision making and enhances the intellect. Read more

From Our Master Gemstone Essence Line

Carries a very high vibration that helps you to connect to your higher self, upper chakras, higher beings, and to raise your frequency of unconditional love for all. It may bring emotions and issues to the surface to be healed as it does this. Read more

Spiritual Transformation

Repattern Limiting Beliefs

Access Higher Dimensions

Works on the higher chakras, including those above the crown chakra. It enhances spiritual growth and and promotes healing on all levels. It has properties of the Master Essence with an emphasis on finding your unique purpose on this planet while still imbibing the universal truth that all are one. Read more

Ancient Memory

Emotional Cleansing

Timekeeper ~ Life Review

This Essence is a sort of timekeeper that brings with it the perspective of time and space- or rather, it helps you to see your soul’s path through many lifetimes or dimensions so that you can make the best choices of where you want to go in the future. Read more

Softens Energetic Shifts

Encourages Emotional Healing

Increases Harmony and Self Love

Rose Elestial Quartz Essence assists with recovery from emotional wounds and encourages love for yourself and others. It may ease the process of self-growth, allowing you to know that there is no rush toward a final destination. Rose Elestial Quartz is a conduit for higher forms of spirituality, and promotes higher forms of love. Read more

Psychic Protection

Enlightened Perspective

Inter-dimensional Journeying

Carries a detoxifying filter of sorts that helps you clear energy that is non-beneficial. It is also a very grounding essence that allows you to stay grounded while assimilating new energies and healing. Read more

Being Present ~ Grounding

Energetic Blood Purification

Awareness ~ Breath ~ Vitality

Garnet Smoky Quartz Essence brings together the powerful and vital qualities of Garnet with the cleansing and purifying properties of protective Smoky Quartz. This Compound Essence helps you to be fully present in the moment, helping you ground your energy, and stay rooted in your breath. Read more

Problem Solving

Reflect Unwanted Energy

See The Truth ~ Increase Yin

Girasol Quartz Essence is calming and relaxing, while encouraging mental contemplation and reflective states of mind. It may help you to see deep into people and situations and know the truth, helping you observe without attachment. Read more

Healing ~ Nature Connection

Emotional Rejuvenation ~ Joy

Environmental Shield ~ Vitality

Green Quartz is especially healing and may help open and balance your heart chakra. As an essence, it cleanses and helps rejuvenate your emotional subtle body and associated light-bodies. Read more

Focus Your Energy

Program Blood ~ Heal

Protection ~ Psychic Defense

This compound essence carries a special connection to Archangel Michael and can help you transmute negative energy and help you heal; bringing in more universal love and light. Read more

From Our Master Gemstone Essence Line

Designed to help you tap into your own seed blueprint, clearing energetic blockages which would prevent you from realigning with the higher gifts and abilities of your soul. Read more

Divine Love ~ Ascension

Transcend Physical Realm

Connect With Ancient Lemuria

Opens up your upper chakras, to connect you with your higher self and to attune you to spiritual guidance. It is a great essence for meditation, healing work, and for transcending, evolving, and ascending. Read more

Healing & Wisdom

Lemurian Seed Vibrations

Archangel Michael ~ Auric Shield

This Essence has a shielding effect on the aura and helps strengthen the Prana and/or light you carry in your auric field. Golden Healer is unique among Lemurian Quartz in that it vibrates in golden frequencies which benefit crown and heart and solar plexus chakra and strengthen the brain chakras.. Read more

Acceptance & Love

Ease “Father” Issues

Venus Energy ~ Harmony

Rose Quartz Essence aligns with positive virtues of the planet Venus, helping to balance the emotions and open the heart chakra to pure pulsations of unconditional love. It promotes acceptance and brings healing to anger, tension, chaos, resentments, ego, and pride. Read more

Release Grief

Heart Energy Conduit

Amplifies Sunlight Energy

Rutilated Quartz Essence brings inspiration and balances all subtle bodies and strengthens all meridians and nadis. The gold color of the rutile stimulates healing in the Solar Plexus Chakra. Used in a room ?spray helps remove stagnant energies and emotional pain that were released in a place but not cleared. Read more

Meditation ~ Amplifies Light

Shields & Detoxifies Negativity

Works on Subconscious Release

Creates a field of protection around you, thereby allowing for shielding from negativity. It also purifies negative thought forms and unintended or unclear thoughts from collective unconscious. Read more

Attract & Magnify Good

Protection ~ Wholeness

Help Broken Relationships

Super Seven has rare energetic properties that make its essence an elixir for alchemical transformation and accessing ascension energies. Its essence is thought to attract and magnify good in your life, helping guide you in the right direction and bringing protection, defending you from negativity energies. Read more

Heals Emotional Body

Activates Sacral Chakra

Creativity ~ Clarity ~ Confidence

Tangerine Aura Quartz Essence has a calm and relaxing effect on your emotional subtle body, and is especially healing to your auric field and sense of well being. Read more

Vibrate at Your Potential

Meditation ~ Amplifies Light

Clears Base & Earth Chakras

Tibetan Smoky Quartz Smoky Quartz Essence can help you learn to start vibrating at your full potential. It attunes you to higher levels of being that are beyond realm of thoughts and the mind and can help you transcend day to day pettiness and grudges so you can connect on a higher level to source energy. Read more

Clear Intra-Chakra Congestion

Harmonize Crown/Base Chakra

Balance Left/Right Brain Energies

Tourmalinated Quartz Essence opens the crown chakra and helps integrate energies in the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It may also help clear congested energy that flows within and between the chakras and causes imbalance, leading the chakras to be blocked or to misalign. Read more