Obsidian Master Essence Blend

Obsidian Master Essence helps you to access subconscious realms and clarify hidden fears so they can be dealt with. It promotes release of subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs, so that your potential and un-accessed ability can be tapped (including sixth sense and dormant psychic ability). Obsidian Essence further helps with detoxification of emotional, mental, and physical subtle bodies, and may promote accelerated release of toxic energy, including in sleep state. It may be helpful in calming nervous tension and easing solar plexus chakra issues, including organs associated with third chakra (e.g. the stomach & liver which deal with nutrient uptake and digestion).

Shanti Kai™ Obsidian Master Essence has a protective quality that can increase energetic protection and help deflect negative and/or toxic energy before it assimilates into your physical body. Its shielding effect has multidimensional properties that work both in a grounded 3D (day to day life), on astral planes (i.e. including out of body travel which can sometimes occur unconsciously during sleep), and other realms. Known for therapeutic benefits, it helps to release underlying causes of tension at the source, drawing out of your subconscious mind the information needed to resolve or heal an issue. It is thus a masterful essence to use during therapy, yoga, meditation, breathwork, or other forms of energy healing to bring up repressed problems or suppressed memory for healing. Obsidian Essence can further help you get underneath past pain, so you can clear grief, sadness, anger, and other issues that may be hidden and underlying your day to day interactions. It can be very helpful in removing “hooks” that cause shame and guilt, especially prevalent with past love and relationship trauma.

Especially beneficial for grounding and balancing your base chakras, it can facilitate connecting to Lady Gaia (Mother Earth), and in helping you build and maintain roots (without holding you back from accessing higher planes). It promotes purification, benefitting transformation of mind, body, and spirit enabling you to grow and reach the next phase in your evolutionary process. It can also help balance energies stored in your skeletal system, as many shamanic and other healers (including this one) believe anxiety is inherited from your ancestors and their cumulative (unreleased) fears are stored in your bones. As stored fears are increasingly cleared, many mental and emotional ailments and associated manifestations in the physical body may become more readily treated or cleared. As such, Obsidian Essence is thought to benefit many modern day conditions of the mind, heart, and lower chakras. (See our Disclaimer**).

Obsidian Essence is a powerful tool for accessing the subconscious. Much of what is carried in the lower three chakras, which also carry out digestive roles, connects to stored subconscious and unconscious memory. Obsidian helps to release this memory and bring balance to these chakras. In my practice, I’ve seen many times, stomach problems clear when we do regression techniques to clear stored trauma in the subconscious. While Shanti Kai™ makes no claims to this regard, we do believe Obsidian Essence is a great tool for accessing this level of energy block.

Obsidian variations include blue, black, green, red, rainbow, golden sheen, silver sheen, Apache tears, Hawaiian, mahogany and snowflake.

Our Obsidian Master contains a blend of 8 different types of Obsidian. We also offer a Black Obsidian Blend containing 4 types of Obsidian, as well as a Hawaiian Obsidian Essence.

Black Obsidian Essence Blend

is especially powerful for cleansing subconscious blocks, accessing sixth sense, cleansing the aura and bringing a shield of protection. It may be especially beneficial if taken before sleep or before healing and regression work. It may benefit therapists and healers alike. It is also balancing for solar plexus chakra and traditionally believed to improve physical ailments associated with third chakra organs. It’s essence helps reclaim your personal power, to access past life and repressed memories, and to connect with Mother Earth while accessing higher spiritual levels. (See our Disclaimer**)

Hawaiian Obsidian

Hawaiian Obsidian Essence carries similar properties as our Black Obsidian Essence Blend with an emphasis on growth, regeneration and renewal. It may help you survive ?death? or move through endings, and find closure in order to open yourself for healing and regrowth. Energized with the aloha spirit, Hawaiian Obsidian is a product of the volcano herself, and is an expression of its fiery breath that brings wrath before renewal.

Obsidian variations include blue, black, green, red, rainbow, golden sheen, silver sheen, Apache tears, Hawaiian, mahogany and snowflake.

**Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Statements made about Shanti Kai™ Essence Products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Always consult your doctor if you have any health concerns.

<!– Obsidian Essence acts on the root and base chakras by drawing out negative or “dark” energies and promoting connectivity to the earth. It also acts to help balance the solar plexus chakra by clearing stored negative emotion, such as anger and fear. A balanced solar plexus chakra is pertinent to a strong mind, and thus Obsidian Essence may help you to focus and to experience greater mental ease. Obsidian Essence has protective qualities and can be good to take before bed to help draw out negativity while you sleep. It can also be used to benefit the stomach. –>