Kyanite Master


Clarity and Vision
Realignment of Upper Chakras

Kyanite Essence may help with light body detox, release of deep seated subconscious and unconscious impurities, cancel frustration and bring clarity and vision.

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Kyanite Essence

Kyanite Essence Master Blend is for light body detox. It stimulates release at the origin in which spiritual impurities are imprinted. It activates the throat and brow chakras and stimulates realignment of upper chakras – cranial plates and jaw. If using with meditation, this can expedite the essence’s action. It helps with the release of deep seated subconscious and unconscious impurities and blemishes. It cancels frustration and brings clarity and vision so you can persevere. It also helps you view obstacles as challenges with solutions, rather than as permanent blocks, and helps you persevere to completion.

Master Blend of Black, Blue, and Green Kyanite:

Black Kyanite Essence: Both grounding and energizing. It helps to remove energetic blockages and restore a healthy flow of energy between the chakras. This Essence may also help to calm and prepare you for meditation, and also offers protection from outside negative energies and psychic attack.

Blue Kyanite Essence: Helps to open up the throat and third-eye chakras and enhances communication and self-expression, and clears confusion. Also helpful for balancing yin and yang energies.

Green Kyanite Essence: Soothing and healing for the heart chakra and may help to lift feelings of heaviness or sadness and ease fears. This Essence may also help strengthen a connection with nature. It may help you to see deep truth found in the heart, and to live from this truth.

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