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Balances Chakras ~ Inspires Love
Prosperity ~ Creativity ~ Protection
Increases Passion & Physical Energy

Garnet Essence may help balance or alleviate issues associated with the root and sacral chakras (sexuality, emotional discord, vitality, and strength).

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Garnet Gemstone Essence

Garnet Master Blend may balance and/or alleviate issues associated with the root and sacral chakras. This may include issues related to sexuality, emotional discord, vitality, and strength. It is said to strengthen the heart, liver, kidney, and thyroid chakras, as well as the physical and emotional subtle bodies.

Tip: Use our Master Garnet Essence to re-energize yourself physically and emotionally, especially during winter months when the colder weather (or shorter days) can get you feeling a little sluggish. You may also benefit from it if you ever find yourself feeling stuck in the past, feel the need to come back to the present, or if you’ve had trauma or shock and need to come back to your body… or even if you are just feeling distracted and can’t seem to find your center. When feeling any one of the above (or just needing a little strength and balance) try our Garnet Master Essence (or any one of our Garnet color variations listed below), as sprays or drops. Add drops to your water and sip as needed, or spray over forehead, temples, main energy centers, limbs, and/or anywhere you feel sluggish or tension, or just follow your intuition… and reapply as needed throughout the day. Remember essences work best when used over time, so give it a little time to experience the subtle shifts. You may also substitute with Garnet Glow (from our Shanti Kai Color Line).

There are six species of garnet that are distinguished in the gem trade, but over seventeen known varieties that are recognized within this classification. Our Shanti Kai Garnet Essences are subdivided by color: red, orange, green and master (contains all 3); our Garnet line contains the entire spectrum of 6 recognized species (almandine, pyrope, spessartine, grossularite, uvarovite, and andradite). Furthermore, all seventeen sub varieties are found throughout our line of Garnet Essences, with our Master Garnet Blend containing them all.

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  1. Anna

    The Garnet master blend spray has been very helpful for anxiety that leaves me feeling jittery and unable to focus. It has a very grounding quality and when I spray it I can feel my nervous energy dissipating, and I feel more calm and able to perform the task at hand.

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