Fluorite Master


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Empowers Mental Focus
Repels Negative Energies
Benefits Energy of Bones/Teeth

Beneficial for body mind and spiritual growth.  May improve concentration*, heighten intuition, and balance during times of stress. Protects against outside influences and clears negativity from aura and chakras.

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Fluorite Essence

Fluorite Master Essence may be beneficial for the body, mind and spiritual growth. It may improve concentration*, heighten intuition, and balance during times of stress. It protects against outside influences and clears negativity from the aura and chakras. It helps you organize information and thus benefits students, scholars, writers, leaders, and others in charge of bringing or maintaining information for projects and/or people. Its gemstone properties have traditionally been used in healing – especially for skin, bones, and respiratory systems, as well as mental imbalance.

Master Fluorite can also be used as a room spray to help clear and purify the air. It’s great for those who have trouble with the air and pollutants.

Master Blend of Blue, Green, and Purple Fluorite:

Blue Fluorite Essence promotes mental clarity and perception. It can clear, purify and strengthen the mind. This Essence is for anyone who needs help with drive and focus.

Green Fluorite Essence repels negative energy and brings clarity to the heart and mind. It is especially beneficial for emotional well-being and overall harmony.

Purple Fluorite Essence works with the third chakra to help open up the spirit connection to the mind. This may help with feelings of loneliness, sadness and fear, as it keeps mind and spirit connected. It may also benefit the energy field associated with teeth and bones..

*on an energetic level.

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  1. Amanda

    When I’ve had a long work night and I’ve found myself too exhausted to get moving in the morning, I spray sapphire all around my head and feet. I find this essence helps connect me and help me to get gathered enough to go through the day – and without feeling groggy or sluggish. I like to combine this with fluorite essence, because that essence keeps my concentration and focus very sharp.

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