Yucca (Hawaiian) Master Flower Essence

Yucca Flower Essence is a yin essence that soothes and nurtures. It may help bring balance and focus during times of stress and overwhelm. It is a good essence to use for meditation and for surrendering your cares and releasing your worries before sleep. Its essence can also inspire you to attract abundance and bring nurturing during times of growth (ie stress). It may benefit pregnant women and new moms, those birthing projects or careers, or those trying to bring forth their ideas into being. It may also help with healing and resolving emotional issues that stem from your earthly mother, and also inspires and deepens your connection to Mother Earth. Yucca Master Essence can assist with left and right side energy balance (i.e. coordination and alignment) as well as with energetically balancing both sides of the brain- i.e. analytical and artistic. Yucca Master Essence moreover inspires harmony and is beneficial when working with groups. Its essence also teaches acceptance of divine timing and may help you align synchronistically to create what you want in life.