Super Seven Essence

Super Seven Essence is an essence of alchemical transformation. It connects with the upper chakras, and can assist you with spiritual growth, helping you tap into higher vibrational “ascension energies”. Its essence is thought to attract and magnify the good that is in your life, acting as a sort of guide encouraging you along your higher path. It’s essence evokes energies of strength and protection, aiding your body’s stress defense by shielding you from low level (i.e. negative) frequencies and/or energies. Super Seven Essence may help if you feel fractured or energetically fragmented. It can also be beneficial if you feel pulled in too many directions, are easily overwhelmed, are unable to cope, and/or do not integrate incoming energies as well as you’d like. If you have suffered severe trauma, this essence can assist you in finding wholeness once again. It aids in soul retrieval and can also help unite divisive energies, bringing groups that are divided into union and harmony. It may help relationships that feel too broken to heal to be mended, assisting in the ease of deep karmic splits. It can further help people to see God in each other, and to find the Divine in everyone and everything.