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Aligns with the Divine
Inspires Emotional Clarity
Bridges Upper & Lower Chakras

Prasiolite Essence helps to activate parts of the higher-self, closing the gap between the spiritual and the physical. It encourages a healing connection to the Divine in your heart, fostering love, compassion and self-acceptance.

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Prasiolite Essence

Prasiolite Essence activates the heart and upper chakras, helping bridge the gap between them so you can more readily move into the experience of the 7th or Crown Chakra. Its Essence encourages healing and can help you resolve spiritual blockages- by promoting the release of limiting and/or false beliefs (that could otherwise keep you stuck in outdated paradigms or ways of thinking). Prasiolite Essence also helps you to align with your highest spiritual truth- that which is beyond the opinions of the mind- and the related fear, judgment, and criticism that comes with it. Indeed Green Prasiolite helps elevate your perspective so you can grasp and even embrace a higher spiritual perspective, so you can eventually integrate it into your life. It further brings emotional clarity and heightened perspective as well as encourages unconditional love, acceptance and compassion. Shanti Kai has two varieties of Prasiolite- this one- which is a clear whitish color (originating from a rare geode source), and the one referred to as simply “Green Amethyst” and found under Amethyst (on our website). Although very similar in properties, this particular variety of Prasiolite seeks to connect you with your ancient roots, and helps you in assessing (or “reviewing”) phases of your life, so you can better know where you’ve been (and where you need to go). Its Essence further helps you to release the old – to put it aside – and encourages you to instead embrace the new.

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