Palm Tree Flower Essence

Think of Shanti Kai™ Palm Tree Master Essence like a vacation in a bottle. You can’t always escape work (or the office), the hustle and bustle of life, the phone ringing and beeping, and you can’t just pick up and go whenever you want, but you can pick up and spray (or take a few drops)… and let your stress “sail away”.

Palm Tree Essence is an uplifting blend that promotes well-being and helps to restore emotional balance. It helps you to elevate your perspective and see things from a higher plane (or vantage point). Should conflict arise, you may wish to work with this essence as a tool to help you choose the high road and take (or stay on) the righteous path.

Palm tree Essence helps you to release, relax and let go…to surrender and learn to “just be”. It can also help you to release that which no longer serves you and to know when to let something go and move on.
It is also good for integrating information both mentally and emotionally, and helps promote harmony in groups.

This Essence can moreover help you birth new ideas and concepts into existence and may even help with certain types of fertility issues (from an energetic level, of course*).

Palm Tree Essence works to nourish the soul, and from an energetic standpoint, can help with digestive issues.