Jasmine Master Blend

Jasmine Master Essence aligns with the benevolent energies of Venus, planet of beauty, relationships and love. Comprised of nine types of Jasmine, it has a robust synergy that encourages unconditional love, acceptance and compassion. Use to inspire forgiveness, ease resentments, release judgements, and as a tool for clearing childhood trauma (and/or negative memory). It further promotes emotional balance, safety and contentment, increasing your ability to self-nurture

The Jasmine Master Blend contains vibrational infusions of the following Jasmine Flower variations:

Tree Jasmine Flower Essence

Channels Divine Truth

Inspires Serendipity & Hope

Clears Throat & Heart Center

Shanti Kai™ Tree Jasmine Flower Essence has a magical energy to it, and brings with it the enchantment of the nature realm.  Read more

Night Blooming Jasmine Flower Essence

Romance~ Sensuality

Peace & Serenity ~ Eases Rest

Healing Trauma ~ Opens Heart

Night Blooming Jasmine Flower Essence helps you to align with positive traits of the planet Venus, such as beauty, charm and harmony, and may help you to draw in romance.  Read more