Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst Essence helps you to move into the experience of the 7th or Crown Chakra, emphasizing both energetic and spiritual healing. Its Essence encourages healing and can help you resolve spiritual blockages by promoting the release of limiting and/or false beliefs (i.e. that could otherwise keep you stuck in outdated paradigms or ways of thinking). Green Amethyst Essence also helps you to align with your highest spiritual truth- that which is beyond the opinions of the mind- and the related fear, judgment, and criticism that comes with it. It further brings emotional clarity and heightened perspective as well as encourages unconditional love, acceptance and compassion. Its Essence enhances your ability to attract needed resources such as money and or energy – especially during times of challenge- and moreover can help aid you in overcoming issues of envy and greed. Put simply, its Essence helps you to release the old and encourages total spiritual rebirth and emotional regeneration.

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