Blue Calcite Essence

Blue Calcite Essence is very calming and soothing, inspiring peace both in your surroundings as well as your mind and emotions. Energetically it works to ease nervous tension and can help provide relief following periods of stress, including intense stress. As such it may energetically benefit a wide range of stress, including if you suffer from PTSD or related ailments. Blue Calcite Essence is one of the most soothing, peace-inducing essences there are.

It further works to clear psychic energy. It acts primarily on the throat and third eye chakras but also benefits your crown and head region. Its soothing energy promotes relaxation, and encourages rest- even helping your mind calm down to where it can welcome sleep. Under duress, it helps clarify perception- like being lifted up in the sky above it all where you have the Highest possible vantage point. Often when you’re stressed you tend to see things disproportionate to the way they really are- as if you’re wading in a swamp or marshland and have mud on your glasses, causing you to become fraught with anxiety over naught.  Blue Calcite is the perfect essence to use to balance this tendency toward illusion or wrong perception, to correct faulty logic and lack of discernment by bringing balance and calm to “reset your perception”.

Blue Calcite Essence also helps clear your aura. especially as relating to the emotional and mental subtle bodies, and can energetically help shift you out of heavier states (like depression) which often manifest as the flipside of anxiety.  Like other calcites, it helps calm and clear your astral body, energetically working to balance any tendencies toward dissociation or “leaving your body”. It does this by creating the balance and safety needed for you to “stay in”. You might feel it as a soft baby blanket wrapping you up- and in fact, it is good for mothers and babies alike- especially newborns.

Suggestions for Use: It can be sprayed on or around your aura (as part of our calcite master spray) or gently rubbed into your skin, especially your scalp/crown (including babies), a few drops at a time -especially on or around the baby’s crown. It would also benefit you if you’re a therapist or healer that does womb or inner child work, or if you’re a student, recovering from ptsd, a “chronic worrier”, or if you practice mindfulness and/or meditation.  This essence can also be taken in drops under your tongue or drunk in water throughout the day.

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