Wellness Kit


This kit contains our everyday must-haves to promote overall health and wellness. Features 2oz sprays of Healer Within™, Release It™, Emerald Light™, ImmunEase™, Shungite Master Blend and Diamond Master Blend

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.Wellness Kit contains our must-have Essences for health and well-being.  It features 2oz sprays of the following Essences:

Healer Within™ is our Stress Blend and it promotes soothing and calming. It may help alleviate stress and encourage healing on a deep level.  This can be used daily for general support or acutely (at regular, frequent intervals) when experiencing an episode of overwhelm until the feeling has shifted.

Release It™ helps release deep seated energy blocks that can affect our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, as well as our ability to draw in the things we want. It can be used to release negative emotions, such as moving on from a past hurt or releasing an issue or situation to a Higher Power. It can also be used to clear our auras of outside energies or cleanse the energy of our spaces.

Emerald Light™ promotes healing and rejuvenation, and it helps open and balance the heart chakra. If you don’t get a chance to spend a lot of time outside you can greatly benefit from this Essence, as it helps bring you the healing energy of nature and the outdoors.  It can also be used as a room spray to bring in healing frequencies of green.

ImmunEase™ helps promote strength, vitality and shielding. It may help energetically boost the immune system and is great to use during cold/flu or allergy season or when traveling. It contains ingredients historically used for blocking types of radiation and other harmful rays that can weaken the physical body.

Shungite Master Blend helps promote healing, detoxification, and regeneration, as well as shielding and protecting your aura. It assists in clearing the root chakra and purifying your energetic body, which in turn may promote physical healing. It may be helpful for you if you are feeling rundown and stressed and don’t have a chance to rest, to clear and protect your energetic field in order to keep working or moving ahead.

Diamond Master Blend promotes detoxification and is very beneficial for drawing out blockages from the physical body. This blend is also helpful for balancing head tension or other issues in the head region..


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