Hawaiian Mineral Essences Kit


Features 2 fl oz sprays of our 6 Hawaiian Mineral Essences with an option to add our 2 Hawaiian Goddess Blends!

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.Features 2 fl oz sprays of our 6 Hawaiian Mineral Essences featured below.

1) Hawaiian Coral

Unlocks Ancient Memory ~ Aids Learning & Mental Focus ~ Energetically Strengthens the Brain

2) Hawaiian Lava

Transformation ~ Clearing Resentment ~ Accessing Ancient Wisdom

3) Hawaiian Obsidian

Regeneration & Renewal ~ Helps Balance Base Chakras ~ Enhances Subconscious Access

4) Kauai Calcite

Evolving ~ Releasing Limitations ~ Transitioning through Life’s Shifts ~ Reprogramming Subconscious Mind

5) Lemurian Quartz Master

Access Ancient Wisdom ~ Divine Love ~ Healing ~ Awareness ~ Seed Vibrations of Ancient Lemuria

6) Hawaiian Peridot (Olivine)

Balancing Emotions ~ Rejuvenating Mind & Body ~ Easing Addictions & Exhaustion

Option to add our Hawaiian Goddess Blends!


Hawaiian Volcano Goddess ~ Channeling Your Inner Fire ~ Purification ~ Rebirth ~ Renewal


Hawaiian Moon Goddess ~ Warrior ~ Nurturer ~ Seer ~ Creatrix ~ Protector ~ Healer.


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