Astro Line Kit


Features 2oz Sprays of 7 out of 9 Essences from our Astro Line, Essences that help you enhance positive planetary aspects while mitigating or softening the negative ones.

(See our Planetary Line Kit for the full set of Astro Essences.)

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.Shanti Kai™ Astro Line Kit features 7 our of 9 Essences from our Astro Line. (See our Planetary Line Kit for the full set of Astro Essences.)

Intuition™ Essence may help both men and women to attune to nature’s lunar cycles to balance their own inner rhythms. It helps strengthen your sixth sense and attune you more closely to your emotions. May especially benefit women’s cycles and stages of motherhood.

Mars™ Essence may help you tap into that raw creative energy or initial inertia needed in order to get things moving in a new direction. It helps balance the effects of the planet Mars, bringing masculine energies into balance and invoking motivation and drive.

MercurEase™ Essence helps with receptivity and fluid communication of all types, and it fosters cooperation and harmony in interpersonal relationships. It promotes a clearer state of mind and greater flow of ideas, which makes it especially beneficial if you are experiencing writers block. This is a great tool for you if you are wanting to soften the effects of Mercury Retrograde.

Prosperity™ Essence helps you align with the positive aspect of Jupiter. It may be beneficial for overcoming issues with lack, feelings of overwhelm, struggles in relationships or jobs, or having to work hard with little success. It promotes well-being, higher-learning, optimism, expansion, and opportunity and provides energetic support for manifesting goals and attaining success.

Removing Obstacles™ Essence may help with clearing underlying blocks, such as false or negative beliefs, negative emotions, or other countering energies that may be preventing you from achieving your goals or intentions. It helps build a vibration that counters resistance so you can more easily align with and attain your goals. May also help with mitigating the effects of the planet Saturn.

Transformation™ Essence is especially helpful during painful experiences (such as unexpected loss, grief, illness, or disaster) to “soften” negativity and help you see the “Light”. Assists in using negative life experience to purge and bring in new energy. It is also helpful during healing work and meditation, and for balancing the effects of the planet Pluto.

Venus™ Essence blend may help you to embrace your “Inner Diva”, and to move into your comfort zone in the areas of romantic love and partnership. May also grant greater ease in social settings and align you with the feminine qualities of grace and receptivity..


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