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A Balancing Blend for New Mothers


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A woman’s body goes through tremendous shifts and transformations (as does the new baby) during the pregnancy, birthing, and post natal process. While in a perfect world the body knows how to realign (and can do so naturally and with ease) we in fact live in a stress filled world and thus sometimes may benefit from a little help. Moreover, while its a beautiful thing, your birth is the first and often most pronounced trauma you go through in life, and while most people do not consciously remember their births, the experience is embedded in the consciousness of your cell memory.

Shanti Kai™ Mom and Baby Blend™ contains Hawaiian flowers (including native Hawaiian and wild flowers), gemstones, and precious metals that traditionally have been used to realign all major energy centers (chakras) and balance the subtle energy field of the physical body. Certain flower and gemstone essences contained in this blend may help promote the nurturing energy that is so essential to the mother-baby bond, as well as healing of your own “mother issues”. Select variations of orchids may help enhance mom-baby communication as well as promote integration of the energy field and a sense of well being after the birthing process. Shanti Kai™ Mom and Baby Blend™ also contains essences that are especially helpful for strengthening the root chakra and helping you to adjust to life changes.

Often the emotional component that can cause constant neediness and cravings around eating, and can evolve into physical problems later in life, begin as simply not having all your needs met or nurtured as a child. Mom and Baby™ is therefore not just for moms and babies, but for all of your “inner children”.

Vibrational Infusions of 8 Flowers, 9 Gemstones, 3 Orchids, 2 Precious Metals, 4 Essential Oils (1 drop total per 2 oz Essence Spray) and Color Frequencies of soft green and pink in 15% Alcohol (as a preservative) and purified water.

As always please check with your physician if you have any concerns about use of this or any product.

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