Light Pink Hibiscus Flower Essence

Light Pink Hibiscus Essence has the qualities of the master Hibiscus Essence with an emphasis on healing from grief and loss, grounding and increasing feelings of safety, and embracing your feminine side. It may be especially beneficial as it relates to your early family life, home life, romantic partnerships and social relationships. If you have a tendency toward aggression or a hot temperament, have a tendency to unintentionally cause conflict, and/or have a rough time during PMS or other hormonal cycles, you may benefit from the gentle quality of Pink Hibiscus. It’s Essence teaches you to “just be” and to “easefully react”, biding your time so you can respond with more grace. It also inspires feelings of beauty and encourages you in embracing your feminine side, both male and female alike. Like the Master Blend, it benefits the first and second chakras, increasing your sense of grounding, balance, and ease, and may help with past sexual trauma, family problems. and/or healing from other forms of abuse, (especially when used in conjunction with therapy or other forms of healing).

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