Jet Lag Kit


Features our full set of Color Essences for Jet Lag, including:

Garnet Glow™, Emerald Light™, White Light™, Indigo Light™, and Golden Aura™.

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.Shanti Kai™ Jet Lag Kit™

Features our full set of Jet Lag Essences, including the following:

Garnet Glow™: For addressing circulation issues associated with travel. May help relieve issues of stagnation so ‘travel toxins’ can filter out.

Emerald Light™: For revitalizing, rejuvenating, energizing & uplifting. May help with travel fatigue and exhaustion.

Golden Aura™: For increasing energy and enhancing Auric Shielding during and after travel. It may help shield lungs from stress due to changes in air.

Indigo Light™: For helping to balance and refocus the mind after travel. It may help with travel headaches & mental fatigue.

White Light™: For purification of the energy field after travel and may help with calming fears associated with travel.

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