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Empower Essence™ may assist with removing underlying blocks and obstacles and help with release of worry and anxiety. At the core of Empower Essence™ formula is a powerful synergy of gemstone ingredients. This gemstone synergy acts to repair and strengthen tears and breaks in your aura, effect a blue-violet energetic shield or protective layer in your energy field (thereby screening out negativity and psychic debris), and neutralize and cleanse negative emotion while balancing your solar plexus chakra to increase balance and positivity. Empower™ is also formulated with several unique orchids and tree flowers that encourage you to stand out or let your inner light shine. While Empower Essence™ would encourage you towards release of fears, worries, and anxiety it would also promote feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Empower Essence™ also has flowers and complimentary gemstones that may help you process and integrate the effects of this essence more decisively (with the result being that you move into a space of internal strength with greater ease and poise).

Vibrational Infusions of 6 Flowers (including 2 Tree Flowers & 1 Orchid), 9 Gemstones, 6 Essential Oils, Frequencies of White Light & Other Vibrations in Purified Water & 20% Brandy.

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10 reviews for Empower™

  1. JD

    I take this any time I need to speak in public or when I need to confront someone or ask for what I need. I’m usually quite shy and reserved and this essence really helps me feel confident and assertive, which doesn’t come naturally for me.

  2. Heidi

    Empower has helped my husband be able to ask for the things he wants thinks and needs in many awkward and difficult situations.

  3. Erin

    This essence has helped my nervous stomach. I use it daily but then increase it when I am in situations that rile my nerves…like first dates! I actually had a bottle roll out of my purse on a first date- I had a hard time explaining that one 🙂 !

  4. AB

    I noticed an immediate shift when taking this essence. I felt strong, ready to take on anything. I felt a strong sense of peace, confidence, and encouragement. I use this essence all the time, especially when I’m in a situation where I have to speak up, or when I want to hold my space around people with imposing or even judgmental energy. This essence is remarkable, I highly recommended it!

  5. Anna

    I’ve been having some severe angst over what to do regarding a relationship situation. The moment I took Empower I felt instantly calm and had a feeling that no matter the outcome of the situation, everything would be ok. There was a general feeling of positivity and trust in the natural order of the universe. I’ve taken this essence before in the past but had never experienced such a profound, immediate effect. Continuing to be amazed by the multi-faceted ways that these essences work!

  6. Zillah

    EMPOWER helped me to clear negative energy that was coming to me from family issues. It helped to ease things up and some things started to change.

  7. Zillah

    Empower essence is the first spray I got. I used it in my home and on myself for family troubles we were having. Within a day I noticed things starting to change and ease up.
    Another time I used it after I showered and was upset because my son apparently lost his phone, which meant another added bill. I sprayed it in my room and on me because u was getting upset….. as I was leaving I called his phone to see if someone would answer it, lol low and behold he found it he answered it…. thank u thank u thank u

  8. Rocco DeRosa

    Empower has helped me feel much more strong and protected in situations where I might normally feel less than adequate due to things outside my control. I feel they really helped strengthen my energy field which allows me to be around people that might normally set me off.

  9. Donna

    I started using this for my son to help strengthen him from the stresses of the school day and to help as a preventative from headaches. After a few months of use, he actually asks for it and notices how good he feels when I spray this. He said, “Hey, this is actually something! It feels like a “shield”. (This is his term from video games.) : )

  10. Meghan

    I had to get back on my feet after a relationship blew up in my face. It was a painful experience I couldn’t seem to move on from. I started working with Empower and White Light after a friend recommended these two together. About 3 weeks later I found myself seamlessly moving into the dating field without the fear of rejection and lack of confidence I once had. I was somehow just able to do it after 3 years- yes 3 years!- of sitting on the sidelines feeling not good enough.

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