Earth Chakra™


Shanti Kai™ Earth Chakra™ Essence helps you in grounding your energy, adjusting and adapting to life’s shifts and changes, and connecting to Mother Earth.

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Earth Chakra Essence™ draws from newly discovered gemstone & mineral deposits on every continent, as well as volcanic and tree flowers that promote a strong sense of connectivity to and affinity for Lady Gaia (Mother Earth). Certain mineral ingredients in this blend work to increase your ability to ground yourself, to adjust and adapt to life’s shifts and changes, and in general, to increase your affinity for, and love of the Earth. Earth Chakra™ is an excellent essence to use if you work in a stressful indoor environment, as it helps bring in the Earth element and may provide much needed balancing for such a lifestyle. This blend may help revive and balance your Earth Star Chakra (found below soles of feet in etheric body) enabling you to vibrationally harmonize with and draw from Mother Earth’s powerful, nurturing core.

Many can understand the shifts on Earth from an esoteric standpoint, i.e. the end of the Mayan Calendar and significant astrological alignments that have been and are to be occurring. However, even from a more mundane three-dimensional perspective, many feel affected by or vulnerable to the rise of natural disasters, technological advancements, shifting political environments, progress in science, and other discoveries that are rapidly changing the environment here on Earth. Earth Chakra™ Essence may help you assimilate changes occurring within the Earth’s energy field, as well as help release ungrounded or excess energy associated with these changes, thereby promoting a grounded yet flexible (adaptable) state of being.

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Vibrational Infusions of 5 Flowers (including volcanic and tree flowers), 1 Orchid, 19 Gemstones (from all over the world), 4 Precious Metals, and 4 Essential Oils in Purified Water & 15% Brandy.[/vc_column_text]

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