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Aura & Room Cleanse: Purifies spaces and/or aura; clears out negative energy while drawing in vibrations of peace and light. An excellent incense or sage alternative. Great to use in office spaces or work environments, at home, in vehicles, and after being in crowded spaces or places.

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Do you ever feel down or depressed at home or work? Do you find yourself sometimes feeling negative for no apparent reason? Do you feel drained after interacting with certain people? Do you feel like you take on the pain or problems of people you interact with? If so, you may greatly benefit from the Clear My Space™ Essence! Its carefully crafted blend combines Hawaiian flowers, gemstones, and precious metals designed to neutralize and release negative energy in the energy field of both people and spaces while depositing higher vibrations of peace and light.

Clear My Space™ acts as a fantastic smoke-free incense or sage alternative and is safe to use in virtually any environment, even around pets. Clear My Space™ is also a perfect solution if you are a healing practitioner who likes to clear out your work spaces between clients, bringing your area into a higher vibrational light and detoxing any negativity or lingering, unwanted energies. It’s great for homes and offices where many people interact, and is also excellent to use in vehicles as well.

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Contains Vibrational Infusions of 7 Flowers (Including 3 Tree Flowers), 14 Gemstones, 7 Essential Oils, Frequencies of Gold- Blue-Violet Light, & Other Vibrations in Purified Water & 20% Brandy. Now Available in larger size as room sprays are generally used more liberally than other essences.

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  1. “Doctor B”, Bay Area California

    I am a chiropractor with a busy practice. I was becoming drained after seeing my clients even though I love my work!

    Finding Clear My Space and Guardian Angel changed my life! Take it from me… I’ve tried EVERYTHING…. these products work in ways that others do not! I’m only sorry I didn’t try them sooner!

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