Sweet Dreams™


May encourage restful and peaceful sleep. Contains essences traditionally used to balance circadian rhythms. It also contains essences that seek to dispel nightmares, induce pleasant dreams, and energetically align you for calm and rest to help achieve good quality sleep.

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Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from issues related to the quality of their sleep. Pharmaceutical companies are continually trying to come up with new medications to address these problems, but often such medications have side effects and can cause long term problems. Shanti Kai™ Sweet Dreams™ Essence is an all natural, safe and effective way to address this issue. Like all essences, it works best over time, with you actively working with it to resolve any sub and unconscious issues related to problems with sleep.

At the core of Shanti Kai™ Sweet Dreams™ Essence™ are flower essences believed to help with dispelling nightmares, regulating circadian rhythms, and good sleep quality. It also contains a special orchid that energetically aligns you for calm and rest, and other key ingredients for achieving a peaceful state of slumber.

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