Rhodonite Essence

Rhodonite Master Essence works to recharge your heart chakra with positive loving energy, increasing your self-love and inner confidence. It further promotes emotional stability, eases fear and worry, and increases feelings of safety and protection, especially around the heart chakra. Rhodonite Essence helps ease nervous tension, aiding in the release of stored stress, potentially benefiting nervous exhaustion, easing worry and anxious thoughts. It may help improve sleep, relaxation, and meditation.

As our Rhodonite Master Essence works its way throughout your energy field, it helps bring fear and false beliefs to the surface, enabling them to clear instantly, exposing energies you may have long since taken as truth. It may also help with fears that are inherited or imbibed by early memories, trauma, entities, elementals, and/or empathically absorbed from others.

Shanti Kai Master Rhodonite Essence includes two types of Rhodonite, the first type has deposits of black manganese which helps work on your roots, bringing grounding and increased protection in your energy. This essence can be found helpful in healing and protecting your heart and assisting with emotional stability. The second type in our Master Essence is pure red pink Rhodonite; this type of Rhodonite Essence brings light to your emotional subtle energy body (a part of the aura where stored subconscious and unconscious fears are imprinted). This essence has a scintillating effect, almost like a rolling body of light over your energy field, as it works its way through your system and brings healing, radiant, pinkish light with a comforting golden ambiance (that even if you do not “see”, you’re likely to feel).*