Preseli Bluestone Essence (also known as Stonehenge Bluestone) embodies the mythical, healing frequencies associated with Stonehenge. Legend speaks of the magical bluestone monoliths that were flown in by none other than the Wizard Merlin, in the age of King Arthur. As such, it is believed to connect you with Merlin’s mysticism and help you to develop higher spiritual abilities. This essence may allow you to move seamlessly between dimensions, making it great for use with soul retrieval and working with your dreams. If you are spiritually inclined towards “journeying” or astral travel, it can help to anchor you to the earth plane so you can more safely and easily return to your body.

Folklore also speaks of Stonehenge as a healing site that those who were sick would visit to seek healing. It is said that the Preseli Bluestone Essence carries the healing properties of this sacred site, promoting strength and immunity to all who partake of it.

It’s action on your throat and solar plexus chakras work to strengthen your willpower, encouraging you to break out of mental patterns that are counterproductive to good health. It is believed to be especially beneficial to use for clearing the heart and throat chakra connection.

Preseli Essence acts on the magnetic field of your heart bringing your heart into pulsation with “Earth’s heart”, and enriching your connection to Mother Earth’s nurturing core. Slowly, over time Preseli Essence unveils the innate inner knowing and consciousness the Earth carries within it, allowing you to access her ancient records.