Night Blooming Jasmine Flower Essence

Night Blooming Jasmine Flower Essence helps you to align with positive traits of the planet Venus, such as beauty, charm and harmony, and may help you to draw in romance. It may help you to attract your heart’s desire and inspire you artistically. This essence helps bring healing to the feminine aspect, and may be healing for past trauma and wounding, especially related to relationships. It may enhance positive thinking and calm, helping you to feel that everything is ok. It helps you feel safe, protected and loved, and opens your senses and heart to sweetness and light. It may especially help with problems falling asleep at night (i.e. balancing circadian rhythms), the urge to late night snack, softening fear of dark in children, and balancing your energy with respect to moon cycles. This Essence may also benefit lucid dreaming, and may heighten psychic senses during waking hours

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