Kili’o’opue Cyperaceae


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Evokes Mental Stillness & Hope
Nourishes Subtle Energy Bodies
Inspires Abundance & Appreciation

Kili’o’opue Cyperaceae Essence may promote deep inner healing. It also may promote better sleep.

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Kili’o’opue Cyperaceae Flower Essence

Kili’o’opue Cyperaceae Essence comes from a flower classified as a weed and yet is so robust, carrying the energies of abundance and manifestation. Its Essence encourages a sense of anticipation for the future and evokes hope for that which is to come. Its Essence can help you multiply your harvest so that your efforts are fruitful and your needs are adequately met. It instills humility, gratitude and appreciation, and can help you see the unique value in those around you. Its Essence moreover works energetically to help stimulate inner healing and promotes mental stillness and rest.

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