Kalanchoe Flower Essence

Kalanchoe Master Flower Essence helps with mental integration and connecting the subconscious and conscious minds, increasing your awareness and access to repressed memories, ancestral memories, and past lives (if you believe in such things). It helps calm the mind so you can rest more easily, and dispels fears which may prevent nightmares. This essence is good to take during day if you have constant mental chatter and wish to experience greater peace and centeredness. It may help you stop creating unwanted elementals or negative thought forms, dispelling fears of the future and surrounding the unknown.

The Master Essence contains vibrational infusions of orange, pink, and white varieties of Kalanchoe.

Orange Kalanchoe Flower Essence

Inspires Courage & Hope

Enhances Rest & Rejuvenation

Promotes Creativity & Efficiency

Orange Kalanchoe Essence inspires courage, emotional balance, and hope. It helps you to retain your creative power in times of overwhelm and struggle. Read more

Pink Kalanchoe Flower Essence

Balances Heart Chakra

Helps Heal Fragmentation

Promotes Rest & Rejuvenation

Pink Kalanchoe Essence emphasizes opening the heart, and streaming pure love. Brings together heart fragments from different pains, traumas, and even family karmas or ancestral wounds by streaming pure unconditional love and light frequency through the heart center.

White Kalanchoe Flower Essence

Description pending, inquire for more information.