Imagine is a special blend designed to balance the effects that the planet Neptune has over you. It helps to harness and enhance the imagination experience in a productive way while balancing it by drawing in grounding clarity and the ability to focus on what’s important.

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Imagine™ Essence: Working with Neptune

Imagine™ is our premier essence for stimulating (you guessed it!) your imagination, enhancing your creative visualization skills, and helping you channel these ideals into your physical experience.  What’s more? Imagine™ is our go to essence for all things Neptune. Neptune is ruled by Pisces, God of the Sea, and therefore rules over your feelings and emotions, psychic insights and creative inspiration. It also governs your dreams, spirituality, and intuition.  When negatively afflicted, however, it can cause confusion, delusion, and the inability to focus, remain on schedule, and/or apply any sort of discipline (at all).  Whereas Saturn, the planet of Karma, is seen as the planetary disciplinarian, Neptune is sort of its polar opposite;  when Neptune’s in town (so to speak, that is, when it’s prominent in your astrological chart), it’s hard to know what’s coming. You can barely plan from day to day, let alone put into action a plan to make long term goals blossom. 

Neptune can hinder your ability to affect discipline in your daily life, but in doing so, it teaches flexibility, lifting your feet off the ground and skyrocketing your head into the clouds.  Neptune’s influence, when prominent, can also enhance your spiritual inclinations and encourage your inner dreamer to emerge dominant on the scene. You may be less affected by the actual happenings around you, that is, the very real material concerns you may have, and instead much more focused on philosophical endeavors, your ideas, beliefs, and those of others around you. 

When Neptune’s influence is heavy over you, your day to day lifestyle remains in flux. That is, forget the 9 to 5, you need freedom; Like the waves of the ocean, you ebb and flow, highly influenced by the moon cycles, and often fully controlled, or at least heavily swayed, by your emotions and feelings. 

The pros of this influence are that it opens up your capacity to dream, to dare to believe and to explore your spiritual yearnings. It gives your inner artist a chance to come out and create, with less concern about achievement, life goals, income, and all those things everyone else seems to spend so much time fussing about. However, when Neptune’s influence over you starts to fade, or when it turns retrograde, it can feel a bit like waking up from an amazing dream with a bit of a hangover, and realizing you’ve got to get back to work and rejoin the “real world”, and that can be a bit hard to acclimate to if you’ve been “out of touch” for some time. 

If you tend to become imbalanced or feel overwhelmed, unorganized, or mentally ungrounded, and/or if any sort of schedule is impossible to maintain, Imagine™ may be exactly what you need!   Imagine™ is a special blend designed to balance the effects that the planet Neptune has over you. It can help inspire the kinder side of Neptune, like creative thinking and having a healthy imagination, and at the same time it can balance the negative side, such as the tendency towards too much (unhealthy) daydreaming, disciplinary issues and/or losing  focus on what’s relevant, longterm, in life. In short, Shanti Kai™ Imagine™ Essence includes a synergy of Vibrational infusions from minerals, flowers, gemstones, orchids, and water plants, essences that when combined, help to harness and enhance the “imagination experience” in a productive way, whilst balancing it with grounding, clarity and the ability to maintain focus and discipline in daily life.

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Ingredients: Vibrational Infusions of 9 Flowers (including Native Hawaiian, wildflower and water flowers) and 11 Gemstones and Minerals in Purified Water & 20% Brandy (as a preservative).

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