Herkimer Diamond Essence

Herkimer Diamond Essence helps pull toxicity from your energy field and may be especially beneficial after bouts of severe stress and/or duress. Its Essence works to cleanse your aura from harmful rays and other environmental pollutants that could accumulate (i.e. and cause problems overtime). Herkimer Diamond Essence may also be excellent for releasing energies related to internal patterns of tightness and tension- and may be beneficial for improving your ability to relax and rest. Its Essence furthermore aids subconscious recall and can be beneficial as an adjunct for regression therapies that target blocked memory. It is also useful for dreamwork and dream recall as well as dream interpretation. Herkimer Diamond Essence moreover encourages spiritual growth, activating the chakras above the crown, and increasing the amount of light you are able to ground and carry. It is a favorite of healers and highly spiritual individuals for this reason.