Gardenia Master


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Inspires Hope
Encourages Faith
Aligns All 7 Chakras

May help inspire hope, uplift the spirit, balance emotion, release resentments, and stimulate deep healing in the subtle emotional bodies of the heart and eyes.*

*see our disclaimer

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Gardenia Flower Essence

Shanti Kai Gardenia Master Blend Flower Essence works to balance and align all 7 chakras, helping bring harmony to both body and mind. It contains infusions of 13 plus varieties of Hawaiian Gardenia synergized to inspire hope, spiritual upliftment, and emotional balance. It works within your energy to stimulate the release of stored (childhood) trauma and deep seated resentments, whilst also promoting deep healing. Gardenia Master Essence furthermore has a youthening (or longevity) effect- as when the density of stored trauma is released from your body’s sure field there is more energy and space to heal and rejuvenate. Certain variations of Gardenia within this blend are moreover historically known for cleansing and clearing the energy field of the skin and eyes, helping rejuvenate tired eyes and (other symptoms of) fatigue.

Our Gardenia Variations:

Crepe Gardenia Flower Essence

Soothing to Eye Chakras

Restoring Subtle Energy

Radiating Beauty & Light

Crepe Gardenia Essence may be soothing and clarifying to the eyes and promote restoration of these subtle energy centers. This may, in turn, make way for improved inner vision which can inspire hope (when you see beyond the mirage of circumstance and into the inner truth). Read more

Heaven Scent Gardenia Flower Essence

Opening the Heart Chakra

Invoking Hope, Peace & Love

Inspiring Your Highest Potential

This Essence may help to inspire hope. It may help you in moving through grief and loss, or when experiencing heaviness or confusion over loss of direction in life. It may encourage you towards peace and potential (and out of regret and cynicism). Read more

Kula Gardenia Flower Essence

Balancing Sacral Chakra

Inspiring Hope & Happiness

Releasing “Caged” Emotions

Kula Gardenia Essence clears blockages in your second chakra, bringing lightness to heavy emotions. It helps you release “caged” or trapped energies in the second chakra, which are often a manifestation of the root and third chakras being closed off. Read more

Na’u Gardenia Flower Essence

Spiritual Renewal

Be Still and Breathe

Synchronizes all 7 Chakras

Na’u Gardenia Essence encourages you to SLOW DOWN and move into simplicity. It helps you move into a space of gratitude and inspiration by assisting with release of resentments. You have to choose to step into this space, but this essence makes it easier. Read more

Pinwheel Gardenia Flower Essence

Promotes Pranic Flow

Mitigates Stress Response

Stimulates Subtle Body Healing

Pinwheel Gardenia Essence may promote and/or accelerate deep inner healing, starting in your subtle body and gradually filtering down until it manifests in your physical body. It may be helpful when you are stressed, unable to sleep, injured, or in pain. Read more

Tree Flower Gardenia Flower Essence?

Lightens & Uplifts

Inspires Hope & Purity

Invokes Serenity & Grace

Tree Flower Gardenia Essence may inspire hope and purity of being. It may assist you in envisioning the best possible outcome for the future and in moving away from feelings of a dreaded outcome, worry, and/or fear. It may help you if you are used to “the struggle”, to experience living by Grace. Read more

***Shanti Kai™ is not making any claims of use of its products for healing. Please see disclaimers on main products page and in our Essences FAQ.

Vibrational infusions of Gardenia flowers in purified water and 20% alcohol. Our Gardenia Master Blend Spray also contains Gardenia Essential Oil.

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3 reviews for Gardenia Master

  1. Alice

    I was in a slump, feeling stuck and depressed about certain situations in my life and the future. I took Nanu Gardenia and noticed I started feeling lighter. I started having more and more moments of joy and excitement internally, even if nothing seemed to be changing on the outside. I felt less bogged down by my current circumstances and more open to future possibilities. This internal shift helped me gain much needed motivation to take charge and change the things in my life that weren’t working for me.

  2. Sarah

    Crepe Gardenia not only inspires me to get healing when I’ve needed it (as opposed to just sitting on things) but I found after a meditation with just taking crepe gardenia it is capable of clearing blockages. I was able to see and clear a wall in my energy that traveled from my second to my top chakras. This was predominantly in my top three chakras but after taking crepe I was able to clear it all.

  3. Alice Boucher

    I recently lost my cat Rellik, and the day I had to put him down I had several newly arrived Shanti Kai Essences in front of me to choose from, knowing I needed the extra support of the Essences. I found myself drawn to Gardenia Master, one I had just gotten and hadn’t tried before. I sprayed it liberally around my head and my heart, where I felt so much sadness for having to say goodbye to my friend of 18 years. It helped take away the raw sting I was feeling and I felt more centered after using it.

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