Fuchsia Master


Cleanse ~ Purification
Deep Emotional Release
Find Beauty in Suffering

May help with releasing and easing grief, bringing beauty out of sadness and loss, and releasing stagnant energies that no longer serve you.

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Fuchsia Flower Essence
Blend of Fuchsia Angel Earrings and Fuchsia Deep Purple variations.

Fuchsia Flower Essence helps with deep release; it eases grief and helps you find beauty, even in your darkest hour. If you’re experiencing sadness and loss, this essence may help you recognize and release stagnant energies that are contributing to the pain, so that you can move them out of your system. Oftentimes in life, you may find you’ve outgrown relationships, projects, jobs, etc. that no longer serve your highest purpose, but for some reason have not moved on. Hanging onto these energies contributes to excess weight in your energy field and can block you from attracting new and better energies to you. Working with this essence may bring up stored grief and sadness, or unresolved issues, even ones you didn’t know you had. But when you consider the alternative, letting these energies accumulate without releasing them, and the effects that can have on your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health, you will likely find it is worth allowing for momentary pain, in the name of purification and release. When using this essence, you may feel emotions coming up for clearing but not know the origin or cause. This is not abnormal and it may just be best to allow space for the experience without diving into the cause. If however, you get stuck or cannot release what is coming up, you may find that consciously working with this essence and/or coupling it to healing work, therapy or other forms of spiritual work may be advantageous. Always check with your healthcare provider if you are experiencing health problems.*

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