Citrine Essence

Citrine Quartz Essence is for clearing toxicity from the body-mind and releasing stored negative emotion held in the solar plexus chakra. It dissipates and transmutes negative energy, and confers confidence, and success. Self-destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors may be eased with this essence, and in their place positive thinking, self esteem, and emotional buoyancy instilled. Historically Citrine Essence has been believed to guard against low energy, fears, anxieties and low emotional states, such as heaviness, depressed energies, and toxic shame. This Essence has a purifying quality, and can be likened to the sun bursting through the clouds dissipating the grey. In fact, several users have written to us to tell us they worked with Shanti Kai Citrine Essence in meditation or group healings and described feeling “liquid sunshine” warm their energy, while others described “a sense of calming reassurance” and another described feeling “boosted by optimism and joy”.