6th Ajna™: Third Eye Chakra


Ajna: Third Eye Chakra Spray helps with balancing and opening the Third Eye Chakra to promote the development of clarity, intuition, expanded consciousness, and the release of criticisms and judgement.

Size: 2oz Spray.

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.Unleash your inner mystic with our Third Eye blend. In the third eye center lies your visionary capacity, your intuition, wisdom, and foresight; your connection to Spirit and to being able to see far and wide. But it also houses the judge or inner critic, and if unbalanced or unchecked can lead to:

  • intuitive blockages
  • mental distress
  • confusion
  • memory problems
  • an overly critical or pessimistic nature
  • migraines
  • mind racing
  • pituitary (hormone) problems
  • illusion

Our Sixth Chakra Spray can be used directly over the Third Eye area to help balance and open this chakra.

A balanced Third Eye Chakra promotes:

  • release of criticisms and judgement
  • release of self-punishing behavior or thoughts
  • increase in ability to understand and accept others
  • increase in ability to receive Higher Guidance through your spiritual connection
  • promotes wisdom, expanded consciousness, heightened intuition, sixth sense and clairvoyance

Ingredients: Vibrational Infusions of 9 Flowers, 2 Orchids, 13 Gemstones, 2 Precious Metals, 7 Essential Oils, and Frequencies of Indigo Light in 20% Alcohol and Purified Water.

Vishudha Companion Essences:


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