Tangerine Quartz Essence

Tangerine Aura Quartz Essence has a calm and relaxing effect on your emotional subtle body, and is especially healing to your auric field and sense of well being.  It helps activate the sacral chakra, unblocks stagnant relationship energies, and helps balance sexual energy and related ego issues, especially in men.  It also helps ground and protect your energy so you feel “at home” in any environment, making it valuable for travel and/or during moves, job changes, or other external shifts. It also helps boost creativity and self esteem, soothes emotional energy and inspires confidence.  Like other “Aura” Essences, Tangerine Quartz enhances your connection to the angelic realms, inspires divinity, and can help you feel more motivated in your spiritual life.  This Essence also has a protective energy that helps mirror back projected energy, especially regarding relationship issues; should you have a conflict with your partner, and are uncertain if your past trauma is effecting your clarity, this Essence can help you to clearly see through doubts and discern your highest truth.

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