Smoky Quartz Essence

Smoky Quartz Essence creates a field of protection around you, thereby allowing for shielding from negativity. It also purifies negative thought forms and unintended or unclear thoughts from collective unconscious. Smoky Quartz Essence can help you learn to start vibrating at your full potential as it works to release negative emotions such as jealousy, fear, and anger. It can help you move on from painful memories of the past- releasing grudges and resentment that may previously have held you back or been necessary to you for self protection. May alleviate heavy feelings, grief and sadness.

Good for meditation and dream-work. It can help connect you to higher realms of being through it’s action of amplifying the truth of everything around it. If Smoky Quartz Essence has found its way into your life, it’s time to open your heart up to even more love and light. A powerful cleanser and detoxifier, using Smoky Quartz Essence can help shield you from electromagnetic radiation and other harmful vibrations as well as magnify positive loving thoughts. Smoky Quartz works on the crown chakra and anchors you to the earth while keeping your heart and mind open to source energy.

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