Rose Elestial Quartz Essence

Rose Elestial Quartz Essence assists with recovery from emotional wounds and encourages love for yourself and others. It may ease the process of self-growth, allowing you to know that there is no rush toward a final destination. Rose Elestial Quartz is a conduit for higher forms of spirituality, and promotes higher forms of love.  It can help you to push past insecurity and mental blocks, especially in relationships with others. It aligns you with the virtues of the planet Venus, Goddess of love and beauty, and helps you to accept physical imperfections that would lower your self-esteem and prevent yourself chances at love.  Rose Elestial Quartz Essence can be used as a tool to soften the process of understanding your trauma and what it is about, and also keeping you from blocking your chances of getting what you want.  It can help to advance you by shifting your energy to a different level, helping you to operate in other dimensions.  Rose Elestial Quartz can help if you struggle shifting in between states (like after meditation, focused mental work, or going on or coming off of vacation), helping prevent you from feeling ungrounded or irritable coming in and out.  This Essence has a softening effect and is this a good essence for helping you in situations where you’ve been deeply hurt or suffered despair, helping you feel more lovable.

Tip: Use this Essence when there is wounding around your ability to love (yourself or others), and when the result of that has turned into a hardness around your heart.

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