Brown Tourmaline Essence (Dravite):

Brown Tourmaline Essence is grounding, stabilizing and nurturing. It’s Essence invokes the feelings of safety and inner nurturing necessary to stand strong and persevere in any situation. As such, it may be ideal for fostering safety in children, especially those who get scared at night- or, have trouble sleeping due to nightmares. It is also useful as a tool for trauma work (i.e. especially inner child work) as well as for developing greater levels of self-acceptance and self-esteem. Brown Tourmaline Essence helps you connect with Mother Earth and energetically pull from Her nurturing core and benefits [energetic] issues associated with your root, hips, legs and feet. Shanti Kai™ Brown Tourmaline Essence contains a blend of pure Brown Tourmaline and Brown Tourmaline with Golden Mica (along with a proprietary catalyst), and has an emphasis on protection, especially in your lower half (e.g. root/spine, legs, knees and feet).

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